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A Quick and Helpful Review about Nutramigen Formula

Reviews 22 April 2013 | Comments Off on A Quick and Helpful Review about Nutramigen Formula

There is no doubting the fact that many babies are allergic to most infant formulas. They could be having colic, diarrhea, soy protein allergy, cow’s milk allergy, acid reflux or lactose intolerance after taking such formula. These intolerances could be due to allergies to the contents or switching of infant formulas. If your baby is having any of the above symptoms then you should consider a change to an infant formula that would provide relieve for those pains, sleeplessness, and excessive crying that surely would be giving you concern.

If your baby is having multiple allergy or intolerance to infant formulas as described above then it is advisable to change to an infant formula like Nutramigen. This is a hydrolyzed protein formula that your baby can take in substitution to other formulas that have been stimulating soy protein allergy or cow’s milk allergy. Nutramigen is made specifically to counter such allergies and this product by Enfamil is often recommended by pediatricians.

Nutramigen come in two variants having different compositions to ensure that your baby has relief from the severe intolerance to other infant formulas. Nutramigen AA (Nutramigen Alimentum Advance) is an advanced type you can go for when the basic Nutramigen has been tried. Hence the Nutramigen AA is perfect to give your baby relieve from high intolerance to cow, soy or gluten allergies. It comes in powdered form and the mixture is relatively different from that of the typical formulas you could be used to.

You should not go for Nutramigen before going to your pediatrician. It is proper if the pediatrician diagnoses the cause of your baby’s sleeplessness, colic, diarrhea etc and recommends the right treatment. If however, you were asked to go for Nutramigen then you sure know that your baby can have quick relieve from those severe or multiple food allergies to other infant formulas.

The cost of Nutramigen formula could be well over $40 and this is far from the cost of other standard formulas you could be used to. Nevertheless, Nutramigen should be considered for the health of your child. Remember; consult your pediatrician first before changing any formula for your baby.