I dont want to go to work today… Could I Use a Fake Doctors Note?

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Today is a day that I truly do not want to go to work . I feel so blah, I just need a reason to call in, an excuse that my boss would believe. The only downfall is, I do not have the money for a doctors appointment nor do I have an illness to complain about. Fake a doctor’s note as an excuse to leave school or work. Write a doctor’s note to help you skip work.

What can I do? As I lay here thinking, a thought occurs to me, surely someone has a Fake Doctors note template online to buy. Or if not, there might be an example of a doctor note on the web. If so, I can write my own excuse for free by viewing a sample, but it would be quicker if I could buy one.

To leave work early you’ll need a health-related excuse like a fake doctor’s note.

great notes from doctors

great notes from doctors

I grab my laptop, as like I said, I do want to go to work, much less get out from under my warm, fuzzy blanket. As I browse the web looking for any possible written fictitous dr. forms for work that people can use I found some. Amazingly there are many different templates to choose from that can be used for work or school. They look so real and legitimate, it would be impossible for my boss to know any different. I found my way out of work, yaaay! I am calling in right now and crawling under my warm blanket to watch TV and just relax. After all I have all day to buy and fill out my excuse form for work. If you want dr excuses, go here.


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